California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers

Why Become a CANGC Member?

Over the last 100 years the nursery industry has experienced radical changes. In addition to running a running a profitable business, many in the nursery industry must also contend with the latest policy decisions and navigate what can be a complex labyrinth of regulatory agencies. The typical California nurseryperson may not even be aware of pending legislation or important regulatory decisions because they must dedicate their time and attention to their operations. CANGC has served, and continues to serve, as the voice of the industry. From weighing in on legislation, to meeting with regulators, CANGC is committed to defending the interests of the nursery industry. 

CANGC members are involved in every aspect of the nursery industry. At times it can seem that each individual is running a unique business and is very different from the operation up the road or in another part of the state. There is some truth in this, as is evident when looking at the impressive diversity of nursery operations. Even though businesses may seem vastly different, it is important to recognize that the struggles of a far-away industry member could easily become your struggles. It is through consistent, professional representation under the banner of the nursery industry that many individuals can come together in defense of their common interests. 

It is easy and sometimes necessary to separate and classify nursery operations into very narrow categories. Divisions have been made between operations based on their specialty, some individuals identify as greenhouse growers, other as tree growers, some are retailers, and the categories continue. But to the public, policymakers, and regulators- we are one thing- the nursery industry. It is with this broad category in mind that laws are crafted, regulations are made, and public opinion is influenced. To maximize our individual success we must set aside these minor differences and recognize that many firms are interconnected and subject to the same challenges. Becoming a CANGC member allows you to take charge of the industry's future and make sure that all segments of the nursery industry prosper together.