California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers

CCN Pro Membership

CCN Pros Are Eligible for Membership in the CANGC

Often times when an individual achieves CCN Pro status they believe they are a member of the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers (CANGC). CCN Pro status is separate from membership but CCN Pros receive a special membership dues rate.  

Eligibility is as follows: Any individual who is employed in any capacity by any Regular or Associate Member in good standing and who is an active CCN Pro™ through maintenance of the certification status as required by the CCN Pro™ Board shall be eligible for a CCN Pro™ Membership. CCN Pros™ employed by a non-member firm may apply for this membership category and receive a limited number of benefits. Active CCN Pro™ Status is required.

Membership in the association would place the CCN Pro's email address on our Retail News and Views e-newsletter list and on a special list that receives periodic information of interest such as the Hottest Plants" for 2010 article from Garden Center Magazine this last January. Member discounts and pricing always apply to this membership category.   

The current fee for membership in CANGC for California Certified Nursery Professionals is $25.