California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers

About Us

CANGC members come from operations of all types and sizes. They range from single location operations to others that can be found throughout the state. Regardless of size or organizational structure, they are all committed to the future of the nursery industry and recognize its importance in the broader economy. Their passion for plants is expressed in the cultivation and sale of varieties that beautify our environment and produce the fresh foods so vital to our health and happiness.

While CANGC members fall into one of three different categories-growers, retailers, or associate companies- they all unite under the CANGC banner to protect and promote the California nursery industry. Our members recognize that the nursery and flower industry is significant both in size and in economic impact. Combined, the nursery and flower industry’s value of production in 2011 was ranked 4th in the state, following dairy, almonds, and grapes. The California nursery and flower industry also leads the nation in value.

While the production of the plants and flowers enjoyed by Californians represents valuable economic production, the retail sector associated with those products further enhances the industry’s importance to the state. A June 2013 report from UC Davis Professor Emeritus Hoy Carman estimates the total output and employment impacts of California flower and nursery production and lawn and garden retailing in 2011 at $11.29 billion and 184,202 jobs. This, however, reflects not the peak of value and employment, but a gradual recovery in the wake of the 2007 economic recession. The industry has weathered the recession and our members are poised to continue their significant contributions to the California nursery industry and to the state’s economy. 

CANGC's Strategic Plan
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